Talking About Android Fragmentation, JellyBean Stands at 52%, KitKat At 43%

With new phones being launched every few weeks and with the advent of china based affordable feature rich phones, the number of smartphone adopters have gone up. Also the online only sale of mobile phones has turned out to be a big hit. Android enjoys the major market share both in India and globally.
From a report based on 33 million app downloads on certain apps,’s android consumption report for Indian markets has some interesting insights. The apps considered include BookMyShow, CouponDunia, Freecharge , Gaana , IntouchApp TaxiForSure, The Times of India, Times City and Zomato.
Here are the major findings from the report:

  • From the various versions of Android available in India, Jellybean enjoys the highest share at 52%, Kit Kat comes second at 43%, Ice Cream Sandwich comes at 4% and Versions older than android 4.0 is only 1%.

android share graph 1

  • Last year Jelly Bean had only 10% share in India which has multiplied 5 times in the current year. Jellybean enjoys 48% share on all android devices globally.
  • Global numbers from Google Dashboard indicate that earlier Android versions like Froyo have only 0.5 % share globally. Ginger Bread enjoys 9.1% share, Ice Cream Sandwich has 7.8% share, Jelly Bean has 48.7% share while Kit Kat has 33.9% share. Older versions are clearly declining globally.
  • Top 3 android phones in India currently are Moto G (1st Gen), Galaxy Grand Duos and Galaxy Note 2. 2 out of 3 phones in the top 3 slot are from Samsung clearly depicting that Samsung enjoys the highest share in Indian Market.
  • Moto G has the highest usage in India. It comes with an almost stock Android Kit Kat. Also the exclusive deal with Flipkart seems to have paid off very well.
  • Affordable windows phones like Lumia 520 and Lumia 620 also feature among the top 100 phones in the country.

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