Anil Dash Has the Best Suggestion, on How to Fix Twitter in 2017

Last week, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey asked users for ideas on how to fix Twitter. These are definitely dark days for the micro-blogging platform, but people still seem to love it, and naturally a lot of folks pitched in with their advice.

The best one came from Anil Dash, a well-known tech guru.

  • Show you can consistently ship new features
  • Directly handle abuse and tell the world what you’re doing
  • Stop using meaningless metrics as your measure of success
  • Provide specific tools for each of your types of users
  • Decide if you give a damn about developers or not

There are a lot of reasons Twitter still matters to me, and to a lot of us. It’s the last bastion of the old era of blogging or social media that still has huge cultural relevance. It’s the last big company to at least give lip service to some of the values of the web we lost. We idealize Twitter despite its egregious flaws because it still has glints of the best parts of the Internet. But the worst of Twitter has crossed the line into overshadowing the best of Twitter for many people, and if we learn from past social platforms, that kind of phenomenon often reaches a tipping point. Sometimes it feels like Twitter-the-product is fighting a losing battle against Twitter-the-company.

You still have lots of creative people who care enough about Twitter to fix what’s wrong, both inside the company and outside. Now it’s time to do justice to all the energy that’s been expended.

Jack had to agree.

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