Jazz up Your Instant Message Conversations With Animated Doodles


Jazz up Your Instant Message Conversations With Animated Doodles


Are you a relatively smart-phone-user?

If you think you are, when did you last send a message to someone close? And how often is that something on Whatsapp, or WeChat, or one of the numerous chat services that are starting to change users’ messaging behaviour?

Not just text, these services are popular for the little “extras” – the personalized fonts, special smileys, and more recently Stickers and even voice chats.

And the next big thing for messaging-over-data is very likely Doodles! A Doodle is basically a simple and quick drawing that mainly consists of scribbled lines. It does not require precision or perfect and is fun not only to create but to share with one another.

A few apps out there already allow you to create doodles such as Picasso, Doodle Text and others. But they only let you create static doodles.

And recently, one such app out of India – Hyderabad to be precise – was actually submitted for review on NextBigWhat’s App Section. It’s called Doodly Doo and what is different about this one is it allows you to create and share animated doodles.


It is a breeze to create an animated doodle with this app, and one can choose a variety of backgrounds including pictures from your gallery, or a map, rage face, an image from Google search, smileys and text and just scribble your doodle on top of it.

So what’s really different about this one, apart from the animated doodles, it allows you to select some pretty neat greeting cards as backgrounds.

This app also allows you to send the doodle to anyone who has a smartphone with a data connection. Yes, you read that right. The receiver need not have the app installed and will receive the message as a doodle that will play in any mobile browser.  And there is more the receiver will be able to send an animated doodle back from the browser itself. Pretty Cool!

We also loved the Inspire Me account, which sends you a few doodles a day to show just what kind of doodles you can create with the app.

However, what we didn’t like in the app was that though one could share with Facebook and WhatsApp, it involves a slightly roundabout method and is not a simple one click share. One can only share doodles that have already been created with Facebook and WhatsApp users.

Also for users that don’t have a smartphone, receiving the link to the doodle is pretty pointless and they will have no way of viewing the doodle.

This app got us addicted to sharing animated doodles to our friends and family. Do you think doodles and especially animated doodles is the next frontier for instant messaging clients?


Download: Doodly Doo (Android).

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