Ankit Fadia Is the Brand Ambassador For Digital India! [Yes And No?]

In a new low, Ankit Fadia has been selected as the brand ambassador for government’s Digital India campaign.

Ankit Fadia - The Ethical Hacker ..Or?
Ankit Fadia – The Ethical Hacker ..Or?

Ankit Fadia is a well known author on cyber security, but is often seen plagiarizing content from others. Even though he is a hacker and is supposed to be know the tricks of the trade, his site has been hacked multiple times in the past.

Why is government so gung ho about ‘celebrity / populist’ names? Why can’t we have more respected names (need not be very famous) as brand ambassadors?

Update : Like Ankit Fadia, this was fake. Thankfully!

Update 2 : The government has withdrawn its denial !! Now, wait for clarification till the evening.

What a ‘foot in the mouth’ moment for the government ! They first award a brand ambassador certificate, deny and then deny the denial !

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