How Ethical An Ethical Hacker Should be? [Ankit Fadia]

Time and again, we receive rants against a whole lot of interesting personalities. We ignore it. Well that’s for simple reason, that like you, we too are emotional people and in general our tendency is to keep our world in positive light. The assumption for this tacky behavior is that people – like you and me – will behave responsibly, given that the choice exists and may be the law and logic are not in conflict.

Well don’t go too deep in to that subject, or you’ll not be able to come out. Seriously.

Ankit Fadia - The Ethical Hacker ..Or?
Ankit Fadia - The Ethical Hacker ..Or?

The idea is always to appreciate the work you all crazy stars, CXO’s and stars-to-be do day-in and day-out to make it happen. Like Dom Cobb (Leonardo Di’ Caprio in Inception) says “a positive emotion trumps negative emotion every time. We all yearn for reconciliation, for catharsis.”

But hey, the premise of such a persona is original work. Not plagiarism.

We received two instances of heavy plagiarism on account of Ankit Fadia, the MTV Youth Icon who has over 50,000 fans (Mostly children) on his Facebook official page – say thanks to his deal with MTV & other couple of great brands. Even though the question on his credibility probably wasn’t very surprising for the geeky readership of the last time we wrote about his, ahem – mainstream media success.

But now attrition has described precisely over 30% plagiarism in his first book ‘Unofficial Guide to Ethical Hacking’ (ISBN 0333 93679 5) that he wrote at the age of fourteen. The quality of writing in that book has been questioned by many w.r.t the prodigy status enjoyed by the person.

Second instance is that of his (co-written with another guy named Manu Zacharia) latest book called ‘Network Intrusion Alert: An Ethical Hacking Guide to Intrusion Detection’ (ISBN 1598634143 and 9781598634143). The estimated plagiarism in the second book is above 90% !!! The errata describes line-by-line, pic-by-pic, chapter-by-chapter cut-copy paste undertaken to complete the book from sources as obscure as from the Oregon Department of Administration Services (DAS) Enterprise Information Strategy and Policy to the more commonly rich pools of knowledge like the Wikipedia.

Now the question is will you want your children to epitomize such a worker?

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