“Ethical hacker”, Ankit Fadia’s website gets hacked. Again.

Ankit Fadia, the (self proclaimed) ethical hacker from India has been mired in controversy- ranging from hackers questioning his credibility to book plagiarism (read : How Ethical An Ethical Hacker Should be? [Ankit Fadia]).

And it’s an interesting instance that his website (ankitfadia.in) has been hacked (again) and though the site is down for now (as of writing this), below is the message hacker left on the site (via Google cache)

Ankit Fadia website hacked
Ankit Fadia website hacked (again)

Got obliged?

This isn’t the first time that his site has been hacked (on Sep 10th, a 17 year old kid hacked his site), questioning Ankit Fadia’s hacking skills (though he has been fully blessed by mainstream media with consistent coverage/quotes related to hacking and that explains his popularity).


Like him or hate him, the truth is that he may not be a tech hacker, but he has surely hacked the mainstream media brains and drives a lot of branding around himself (among the rookies especially).

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