Ethical Hacker, Ankit Fadia wins MTV Youth Icon 2008 Award

Last year it was Orkut, and this time around, MTV’s youth icon 2008 award went to Ankit Fadia, the well known ethical hacker.

What’s interesting about Ankit’s achievements are the questions raised over his credibility (as a hacker):

Ankit Fadia is a typical charlatan who gets published in one article and rides the wave of not only poor journalism but also his own hype. For years, he has been quoted in low end online publications in India (his home country). Each time he is referenced as an ‘expert’ despite having no skills or accomplishments other than being quoted in these articles. No matter how bright this kid is, how much of a “prodigy” he is, he simply cannot be considered an ‘expert’ in security, especially with his FUD-based statements about “computer security” and “terrorism.” [source]

Even AIC (Anti-India Crew), a Pakistani hacker group known for defacing Indian websites has challenged him on his credentials:

..AIC said that it would be defacing the website of the Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC),, within two days and challenged Fadia to prevent the attack by patching the vulnerable website. AIC maintained that Fadia should stop calling himself a hacker, if it succeeded in hacking the CBEC website.AIC kept its promise and defaced the CBEC website after two days. At another defaced website (, AIC termed the claims of Indian media about Ankit Fadia as “Bullshit – wikipedia

What’s your take on this year’s awards? The only interesting part about the award this time is the overall quality of nominations – consisted of entrepreneurs from different background and wasn’t restricted to the celebrities alone. Infact, a geek winning an award like this is an indication of changing times!

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