Introducing bigMobiConf Speaker: Ankur Singla [Helpchat Founder]

One of the big focus for bigMobilityConf (this Saturday @Bangalore) is to bring in actionable insights, experience from founders who went mobile-only. It’s not just about what one has achieved, but the journey / the tough decision moments and BIG pivots is what, we believe will benefit the other entrepreneurs.

Ankur Singla, Helpchat Founder
Ankur Singla, Helpchat Founder

Introducing to you: Ankur Singla, founder of Helpchat !

Ankur has been a non-tech founder (read his experience : How Akosha hired a CTO after conducting 109 interviews), successfully built Akosha and then one fine day, pivoted to Helpchat !

At bigMobilityConf, Ankur will share his startup journey, the app-only model and well, a lot about entrepreneurship and taking tough decisions.

“I think such times test the CEO’s ability to do the right thing and take a tough call. Such instances will come again and again and a lot of times it will be difficult to get a proper night’s sleep – it is never easy to let go of people who you have hired with so much effort in the first place.”

Be There !

bigMobilityConf Details

Date : October 17th (Saturday).
Venue : MLR Convention Center, J P Nagar, Bangalore
Ticketing: Grab >25% discount [use the discount code DRIP].

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