Announcing Appnomy Conference: A Heads-up to App Developers, Entrepreneurs [April 14th, 2012] team is glad to announce the next edition of Appnomy Conference, an event that goes beyond the technology of apps and brings together the app ecosystem. By app ecosystem, we mean not just app developers, but also operators, OEMs and a whole lot of entrepreneurs who make the app ecosystem what it is.

The Current State of App Ecosystem in India

Pretty much nothing has changed over the last few years. The indie app developer community in India has been growing, but the number of app developers who are going full-steam and looking at building app business (*entrepreneurship*) is far from being termed ‘good enough’. So what’s lacking?

– Even operators who till last year were marketing their app stores have gone slow in marketing apps and app stores. Why is that?appnomy1 (1)
– As an app developer, do I align myself to one of the ‘app stores (or the mafia)’? Or should I go and be present everywhere (specifically Android/Windows Phone/iOS/Blackberry etc).

So what’s the way forward?

In India, if we look at a typical app developer’s mindset – for them, app development process ends with submitting the app in the app store. There hardly is any marketing/sales effort, and most of the times its ‘spray and pray’ approach.

We, at, believe that this needs to be changed. App developers need to really look at app development as any other product business and that’s the notion we’d like to bring on. And with this belief, we bring, the second edition of Appnomy Conference.

Appnomy: Block your calendar.

Date: April 14th, 2012.

Venue: Sasken Communication Technologies Ltd, 139/25, Ring Road, Domlur, Bangalore 560 071, India.

Appnomy: Agenda

App Demos
Demos by selected app developers. By Thursday (March 15th), we will share the link for app developers to submit their app for the demo slot.
– App Speakers
Last edition speakers included Founder & CEO of Sourcebits to ex-Apple designer to founder of Onze sharing his startup journey and even this time, we plan to bring amazing set of speakers who will share their insights with the audience.
– App Talk
Discussions that go beyond app development and brings the much needed focus on analytics and importantly, monetization.


Registration for Appnomy Conference starts tomorrow (March 14th). But we’d like to hear from you, your suggestions on event flow/speakers and the format.

And of course, Appnomy Conference is preceded by App Hackathon, which is scheduled for March 24th and 25th [details here].

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