Announcing Appnomy Conference Agenda

Indian has been one of the major consumers of apps, but not among the top producers. The indie app developer community in India has been growing, but the number of app developers who are going full-steam and looking at building app business (*entrepreneurship*) is far from being termed ‘good enough’!

Appnomy Conference, a 1-day event that goes beyond the technology of apps and brings together the entire app ecosystem (app developers, operators, OEMs, Entrepreneurs, Investors etc).

Appnomy Conference Agenda

The 1-day event will witness inspiring entrepreneurial journey of companies like telibrahma (which has built an operator agnostic business), Robosoft (an app company from Udupi), app discussion on ‘Is apps-only a scalable business opportunity for entrepreneurs?”. and importantly, demo of 8 super-hot apps

Here is the event agenda


Appnomy Conference: Registration Details

Appnomy Conference is free, but with a twist. The twist is that towards the end of the conference, we will put up a payment box and you can pay whatever amount you think the conference was worth for!

But, we have very limited seats for the event and you will have to really tell us why you want to attend the event. You’ll have to fill up a form (registration link), share your details and we will confirm your presence by today late evening.
Please note that we might be close the registration by tomorrow, so if you are really keen to attend, do fill up the registration form.

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