Announcing! Directory of Indian Startups

Here comes a big announcement from – the directory of Indian startups

The directory goes live this weekend, and this post is a request for startup founders to spare 5 minutes of their life.

Yes. All it takes is just 5 minutes to add your startup details (name, founder’s details, co’s product/service, Location, Funding Details etc)

Few FAQs:

Qn: How about a wiki format? Why can’t everybody edit the details (like crunchbase)

A: Well, we strongly believe that only the startup founders should edit their co. details (and of course, the last thing I want to get into is moderating one’s updates etc)

Qn: Why are you asking us to submit details?

A: Because you have the first hand information. You know the founder details, funding info and most importantly, what all info you want to make public.

We started collecting data on our own, but later realized that there are subtle info (like nearest competitors) that only startups should fill in.

Qn: How do I claim my startup?

A: I will take care of this. Please ensure that you leave your email id in the form.

Qn: What else?

A: Couple of damn cool mashups and user interactivity are on the way. But before that, please add your startup to the directory.

Game? Make it FaSt!

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