Announcing NextBigWhat Ecommerce Insights [In partnership with FindYogi]

The buzz around ecommerce in India is growing for past couple of years. With Amazon entering India and some Indian players getting financially stable, it seems the game has only begun. While the players are making innovations around the service and delivery, there is also a lot of hype in terms of numbers.

NextBigWhat + FindYogi
NextBigWhat + FindYogi

In the true spirit of NextBigWhat, we are cutting down all the hype and hoopla to bring you insights into the Ecommerce Industry in India backed by real data. Over the next few weeks NextBigWhat, in partnership with FindYogi, will publish daily some insights about each of the major ecommerce players. Expect some macro to category/brand level analysis, competition check, and price and catalogue sizes.

The idea with this series to take a neutral stand and publish some real numbers, available publicly, that never get talked about otherwise.

We will be talking about Ebay, Amazon, SnapDeal and Flipkart over the next 3 weeks. Reports on other ecommerce players will follow. If you have any specific report that you would want us to work on, tweet to @NextBigWhat.

The first one in the series is a study of Ebay, the marketplace which has been in India for the longest. You can find it here.

[About FindYogi: FindYogi is a buying decision platform for consumers. They currently serve 4 categories viz. Mobile, Laptop, Camera and Tablets. Read our earlier coverage of FindYogi.]