Announcing..Announcing and Announcing..

Calling Bangalore startups – we are launching a startup event that focuses on…well, what else..startups.

Here is a small FAQ that will tell you why, what and how!


There are tons of events – so why another one?

Our exclusive focus is/will be on operational aspect of running a startup and ‘real life’ problems.

For instance, questions like

  • How do I create sales collateral (also: what is sales collateral!) ? Sale strategy?
  • How do I hire my first employee? He isn’t a cofounder, so what about designation?
  • How do I structure salary?
  • How do I price my product?
  • I need to take my VAS product to operators. Can somebody give me inside dope?

…and lots of ‘How to”

Like I said earlier, these are day to day questions which are far more relevant once you start up! Let’s learn from each other.


Is it open to all? Yes and No.

Yes, if you are a startup and ready to share your side of the story. Each event will be built around real life case studies and issues startups actually want resolved.

No, if you aren’t ready to share your side of the story.

[Be assured that nothing from your stories/experience that you do not want shared will leave the room.]

This is a sort of closed-yet-open, a gated community where we want to ensure that every event is content focused. Every event has certain takeaways and only focused crowd attends that.

Is it only for startups?

Is it Free?
To start off, yes. In future, maybe no.
We might charge a token fee to ensure that we weed out the ‘timepass’ crowd. Most importantly, you will pay for the quality of content (and that’s a test for us as well, i.e whether the content is good enough or not).

Event Format?
Moderator driven, but we assure you that it will be interactive (just the way is)


Come over to the first event scheduled for this week.

Venue: TiE Bangalore Office, Divyasree Chambers, Bangalore (Thanks to TiE for providing a venue.]

Date: July 18th, 2009, Saturday (sorry for such a short notice)

Timing: 10 AM – 1 PM.

Topic for the first event

Top Myths that Product Startups Live with
The topic will cover basic set of myths/ass-umptions that startups live with (like ‘I am the end user’!)
The exact case study for this will be announced tomorrow.

Like, the event will be less of gyaan, more of real-life situations.

I want to to?

We only have 30 seats for the first event. You can leave a comment here or mail me (ashish at

For more details, you can call me  Nine 8 Four 52 06443.

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