Announcing : The NextBigWhat Radio

Did you know that NextBigWhat was among the few in India to launch a podcast – way back in 2011/2012!

Well, we killed it later because..the market was very small and there was no way we could have monetize the effort.

Many years later, we know one thing: we still can’t monetize podcasts (!!!), but the amazing part is that now we have the audience ready for podcasts/audio conversations.

But then, there are 800,000+ podcasts and over 30 million episodes – globally.

Why even add one more to this list? Why bother? Why you should even subscribe to one more?

Why NextBigWhat Radio?

NextBigWhat Radio
NextBigWhat Radio

First of all, let me share that the NextBigWhat Radio isn’t about startups as such – we have set upon a broader objective to enable you to :

Build. Grow. Repeat.

That is, enable you to Build great product-led businesses, so expect a lot of candid conversations from some of the most amazing product leaders out there to totally tangent perspectives from people who push the envelope – across different walks of life!

We will ensure that we bring you multi-dimensional view of the world. These conversations will help you acquire new perspectives and inspire you to do bigger things!

If it was just one dimension (for e.g. just about startups) – we wouldn’t have launched NextBigWhat Radio.

Available in all possible platforms, the NextBigWhat Radio will be running diff shows in the podcast – right from some of our conference content (which is PURE GOLD) to exclusive interviews and convos.

Apple | Google | Spotify

Do hit the subscribe button and if you have any suggestions/recommendations on topics – just drop me an email: ashish at

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