Announcing: The Forum [Knowledgebase + Community]

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Announcing: The Forum [Knowledgebase + Community]

At the core of lies a strong community and the community has been asking for a platform to talk to each other and importantly, discuss/learn from each other. We have grown from a blog to India’s largest site for technology startups, but the interest was always to create a meaningful platform that goes beyond the editorial content.

So ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to announce the community part of – i.e. the Forum (

The Pluggdin Forum
The Pluggdin Forum

Key Features of Forum

No Anonymity: While there is a merit in enabling anonymous posting (for e.g. its easy to break a news/bitch about others), we decided not to go this route. That is – lets use your existing *social* profiles.

Integrated with Facebook/Google account: No need to signup/create an account etc. Having said that, an important aspect is to know is that the profile created on forum will not reflect your Facebook id/Google id or so (this was a concern raised by some). Also, we don’t push ‘our agenda’ (i.e. Facebook status updates) to your Facebook stream. The idea is to simplify the login process and importantly, keep the spammers away.

Community Voting: Up/Down and if there are a lot of ‘down votes’, the article/comment will be sent for moderation.

Follow users/ Follow Articles/Bookmark Discussions : Found something useful? Follow the discussion and you will be notified of updates on those discussions.

Simple. Damn Simple to use (thanks to Vanilla).

Categories: We have focused on creating useful categories for discussions (How Do I ?, To Help Stay Lean, Ideas, Controversial, The Water Cooler, Lighter Wayne and lot more)

A place where we hope there will be good meaningful discussions, sharing of information, a meeting of people, minds and idea, and one which will end up being a very useful place for all those who are participants, drivers, investors and even consumers of technology and entrepreneurial efforts in India.
Its your place. To take forward, make useful and derive value from. You could just lurk, but it’ll stop being worth it soon. So engage, get engaged and hope you find lots of folks who’re fighting the same battles and ready to help.

Go. Play! []

Forum: Visually SpeakingDesign: New Discussion

Design: FB/Google Integration
Design: FB/Google Integration
Design: Voting/Sorting
Design: Voting/Sorting

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