Announcing UnCafe Topic: “Finding Product Market fit for SaaS companies in India”

We announced our topic focused event, UnCafe (in partnership with Accel India) and we are glad to announce the topic of the first UnCafe meet:uncafe

Finding Product Market fit for SaaS companies in India”

India has its own set of challenges, right from lack of early adopters (even in B2B space) to infrastructure related issues (recurring payments anyone?). So how does one find product/market fit?

UnCafe meetup, as we mentioned earlier will be held every 15 days and selected entrepreneurs/industry doers will come together to discuss and share insights under the context of the topic.

The first UnCafe event is scheduled for January 25th, from 3 PM to 5 PM (venue: Accel India office) and we will have Mobstac founders (Sharath / Ravi) sharing their experience of finding product-market fit. MobStac itself is a classic example of how they found their product/market fit, after several iterations.

Who can attend UnCafe meetups?  If you are an entrepreneur, who is building (or about to start) a business in SAAS space, fill up the form here.

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The event is free to attend and we will have a limited audience (5-10 entrepreneurs only) and the core idea, as mentioned earlier is to dig deep into a content topic and learn from each others’ experience.

Also, you can ask Accel Partners anything w.r.t SaaS. Use the form here.

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