Anonymous India Brings Down TRAI Website Citing Email ID Privacy Lapse

In the fight for Net Neutrality, hacker group Anonymous India has brought down TRAI’s official website after the telecom regulatory body released the list of email IDs from which it received responses on Net Neutrality.
TRAI’s move was seen as one that threatened the privacy of over a million Internet users in India, with spammers being able to create havoc by gaining such a large database.
Anonymous Tweet
Anonymous India claimed responsibility for bringing down the TRAI website with a DDoS attack, and also warned that it could soon hack the website.
While making the responses received over the Net Neutrality debate public isn’t so much of an issue, the public has latched onto the TRAI’s ill planned move to make personal information public.
The slip up follows the COAI’s distasteful campaign to promote zero rating services such as Airtel Zero, by confusing users with a banner of it being in support of Net Neutrality.

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