Anonymous hacks Trinamool Congress website and Mizoram Government website

Anonymous has hacked AITMC (All India Trinamool Congress) website (twice in 2 hours) and has left the following message:

To the Students of India,
You are the future of this nation and hence it is your decision to make at this critical point. You out of all people will understand the oppression of others, rule of Elite, corruption and denial of rights better than any one. We have come to a time in which we can’t even speak freely and even to the point where we are not allowed to think freely. They tell you to to do what they want you to do, Obey the rules, don’t allow you to speak, and once you are at the place you own they take your freedom, even at a place where everything is supposed to be yours! We are calling to every indian soul to join us for the struggle of freedom. On this June 9th we are calling for every one to get on the streets, organize protests or join one. Do not wait any longer, because the more you wait the more this system will crush your rights and abilities to correct it.Today they took away your right to use a few websites, tomorrow they will censor the websites like they censor the media so that nothing against them get’s reported and day after tomorrow they will take away your freedom of speech and no one will be there to speak for you. Speak Now or Never.anonymous_hacks_aitmc_site

Anonymous earlier released the list of sites blocked by Reliance, exposing the nexus between ISPs and corporates. The group is gearing momentum for June 9 protest against the government’s steps to curb the Internet freedom in the country.

As far as AITMC site is concerned, the homepage has been replaced with Anonymous ‘mask’, though other site pages are accessible (like,

Watch the video :

Update (May 30th): After hacking the websites of Trinamool Congress, Anonymous India has hacked Mizoram government website, although kept the /index.php intact (just to prove a point that ‘we are here’?).
Does hacking government sites help, apart from drawing media attention?

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