Anonymous India gives a sneak peek into ISP censorship

Anonymous India has released list of sites blocked by Reliance that includes protest by Air India employees.

“When we first hacked into reliance they realised that we had the list and also cause of the media coverge they knew they were in trouble as they themselves knew that they broke the law and the trust of it’s customers. When they saw media was knowing this they started unblocking the sites to make it look like they are heroes and reliance did you feel it would be so easy for you to do that and not cross us. Bad Idea. You tried to change our passwords and tried everything you know to stop us. For your information We Dont Even Care If You Have A Password. Stop Attacking people and their freedom and we will stop.

Why has Reliance blocked AirIndia employees Protest page on Facebook – Did the court issue an order for that too or does the government have some ties with reliance to help them kill the strike at AI. Bad Idea” [more here]

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