Anonymous Takes Down Congress and Supreme Court Website, Gets it all Wrong.

Anonymous group has taken down Congress government ( and Supreme Court ( website, owing to harakiri Indian government is causing on the Internet censorship issues.

Namaste Anonymous
Namaste Anonymous
Anonymous Hactivist in India
Anonymous Hactivist in India

As far as censorship part is concerned, the Indian government has ordered ISPs to block torrent sites (ThePirateBay, i.e. TPB) as well as others like, Dailymotion and surprisingly, Pastebin too.

Got it all wrong?

Taking down political party/Supreme Court website actually means nothing – this has zero impact on whatsoever the plan of Anonymous was. It’s more kiddish than anything one could ever imagine.

Sorry, but being a hacktivist group, they could have though much more deeper. Shouldn’t Anonymous be focused on the Bollywood production houses (who are behind the censorship) and ISPs (who are executing without giving a room for debate)? They are the ones who “started the fire”. Not that I am suggesting that Anonymous ‘should hack’ these production house sites, but atleast they could have lived up to their ‘brand name’?

This reminds me of the ‘iHack-uHack’ games that Indian/Pakistani hackers play with each other, without bringing in any positive change (except for the browny points in one’s CV).

What’s your opinion?
Update : anonymous has taken down, the company which actually started the censorship issue – i.e. secured John Doe order (via)to block the video sites.

From forum: Freedom of speech/digital media rights

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