Antya nearing Deadpool? Founders move on

Antya, (profiled earlier) the Indian version of Mahalo is almost nearing deadpool (or shortcircuit, as we call it).

Founders (earlier used to work for ibibo) have moved on:

  • Sunny Saurabh has joined MySpace as Product Manager (linkedin)
  • Bharanidharan has joined AccentiumWeb, company founded by Vivek Pahwa (who sold DesiMartini to HT) and also invested in Antya.

Fundamentally, Antya had several issues – for example tying up the web search in India with site url and I am nit sure whether Antya ever took off bigtime and though the site is operational for now, I believe it’s just a matter of time that the site heads towards it’s own antya.?

What’s your opinion? Will you miss the service?

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