Anurag Kashyap’s Reddit Outing Fetches Lots of Qs; Talks Torrents and Sex Lives of Politicians


Anurag Kashyap’s Reddit Outing Fetches Lots of Qs; Talks Torrents and Sex Lives of Politicians

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Bollywood director Anurag Kashyap is a hit on Reddit, the US based social news and entertainment site. Kashyap who went on an Ask Me Anything session hosted on Reddit at 3 pm this afternoon, has raked up nearly 500 questions in just under an hour!

The film maker who has a cult following in India managed to answer a lot of questions, even though some were silly. Top American celebrities in the US often go on such Reddit sessions. But this is perhaps a first in India.

People like Bill Gates, Schwarzenegger, Morgan Freeman, Roger Federer and Barack Obama have been Reddit’s Ask Me Anything sessions.

Kashyap shared his views questions such as

Question: Some movies require simulated violent, degenerate, traumatic, and repulsive acts, a role that is extremely arduous emotionally. Hows does this affect actors/directors in their personal lives?

Answer: Doing repulsive doesnot effect them because its fake, it just looks real. what affects them is emotionally intense or intimate scenes.

Asked what he would like to make a film on, Kashyap the director of hits like Gangs of Wasseypur and Dev D said

Sex lives of our politicians.. imagine those old fogies taking viagra and sitting there waiting , looking down at it for it to rise to the occasion backlit by the sun and then there is a crisis and they have to go and they have to run and be in the middle of it for the photo op and the viagra starts to take effect.. and then he is giving a morality speech.

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Okay. We are a tech site. So here’s something on tech.

Question: How do people who live in countries where most Bollywood films are not released get access to your films? Would an online distribution schemes for Bollywood films be feasible? Maybe a pay to stream (once) or something similar?

Answer: .torrents zindabad..other than that we are constantly trying to break into foreign markets , with last few films we have managed to do that in europe. we still need to crack US and UK.

Yeah. He really said that. On many occasions, Kashyap has said that piracy has made him popular. In an earlier interview, he was cited as saying:

I feel that cinema is something that should reach the maximum number of people. If the audience does not get to see affordable cinema, it will turn to cheaper, pirated entertainment.

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