– Trade your used items.

Got an old jeans which has been rendered useless by your beer belly? Why not trade it for something else? is a portal for trading in Rejects, Seconds and Used Items.

How does AnyPrice works?

After registering, you can add your own offer/trade your items for free. During the buying process, buyer can seek inspection of the product (not too sure how is that possible).
Right now the service is free, but in future, AnyPrice will charg B2B users for listing services.


Unlike other auction or bidding sites, AnyPrice’s USP lies in the unique arrangement of setting one-to-one interation between buyer and seller. This means, a seller can sell at different rates to different buyers and similarly a buyer can negotiate to the best of his abilities.

In my opinion, this concept will have a strong appeal for commoditized items which really don’t have a differentiator and hence, B2B segment should be the target market.

AnyPrice’s current implementation seems to be consumer focused, which to me is a difficult market to latch on (I, for sure won’t buy your used T-shirt!).

But a serious B2B focus can change the entire game – AnyPrice could be the marketplayer for used goods.

What do you think? As a consumer, will you buy somebody else’s used items?

Similar concept: GiveNtake

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