AOL Data Leak- Save Yourself From Embarassment

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AOL Data Leak- Save Yourself From Embarassment

Recently, AOL released three months of search query records of 650,000 users.

The released search data exposed the intimate/private life of these individuals and is definitely an embarassment to them.

Who is the real culprit? Is it the search engine, ISP or the browser?

Whosoever is the culprit, don’t ever let this happen to you..

Here are a few tips to shield yourself from any such data leaks:

1. To view sites anonymously, use

Doesn’t matter what browser you use, you can use to access sites without leaving any footprint inside your browser.

Anonymouse filters all personal data at a request and places the request afterwards again to the target server (instead of the user). After the anonymization of the target-servers response (the most difficult part) the anonymized response is sent back to the user.

2. Block sites which you think are recording your search habits..

Of all the sites that you visit, identify the ones who have access to your *secret* life (first and foremost in that list would be the search engines, and email applications)

In order to block these sites from storing cookies in your browser, follow the following steps:

IE users: navigate to Tools/Options, checkout the privacy tab. Add sites which you want to block.
Mozilla users: Go to Tools/Options/Privacy tab, Click on “Exceptions” button and add sites whose cookies are a threat to your privacy.

3. Switch from IE/Mozilla to

>> Browzar
Although its not as feature-rich as other browsers, Browzar’s unique benefit is that it
doesn’t store (atleast claims to) user’s browsing related data. No Auto-Complete, No
installation needed, no Registration reqd. Browzar automatically deletes Internet caches,
histories, cookies, and auto-complete forms..

Web 3.0Log did a review of Browzar and according to them, Browzar is fake and full of
adware. Browzar, in response to the allegations admits that there are bugs in the product
and they are fixing them. More here

>>EverPrivate Browser
Compared to Browzar, EverPrivate looks far more stable and safe option for anonymous

“EverPrivate is a set of Web-based tools that includes an anonymous browser, eraser, and complimentary services to let users hide their IP addresses and wipe out their Web histories. When users log onto the EverPrivate browser, their activity logs register every click as “,” and cookies and cache are wiped clean”

EverPrivate uses web-based proxy and prepends the URL, which looks like:

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