ApartmentADDA launches Gatekeeper App to Help Track Apartment Visitors

With security being a prime concern even in gated communities, ApartmentADDA has launched Gatekeeper App that makes it possible for the security guards to register visitor details as well as people movement entering or leaving the complex via tablets/devices.
The details of the visitors along with name, contact number, vehicle registration number with special note can be captured offline and later, can be synchronized to the ADDA Gatekeeper App. The data can be saved and documented in Excel format. The app allows the users to change the process of offline visitor tracking to online.
> App link.

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  1. Few thoughts/questions on the article:
    1. Who will ensure the safety of the phone/tablet?
    2. What happens to the data when the tablet/phone breaks down?
    3. A 200 page book cost 20 bucks, why would a society spend say about 8K for maintaining the same information?
    Looking at the screenshot , the visitor can enter junk data for phone no (hh 986) & reason (Laxmi 0) as the app doesn’t seem to be enforcing such checks.

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