aPlaceToDine – Foodie site attempting to be one-stop restaurant portal

Is there any specific reason that most of the foodie portals are seeding in Delhi/NCR region? Delhites are foodies, but given the search trends, I am not sure how much of success will these portals be?

Well, the latest one to join the bandwagon is aPlaceToDine.

Apart from providing the listing details, aPlaceToDine also offers following services:

  • Website setup, hosting and management for restaurant owners:
    aPlaceToDine’s technical team helps restaurant owners setup the website and does provides hosting and maintenance services as well (not for free)
  • Owing to the close online partnership, restaurants can provide powerful online ordering facility to their customers including options for online payments using any of the recognized credit or debit cards.
  • Customers can also reserve tables/order online etc (also enabled via SMS).

The portal has a good and easy interface (liked their iPod styled ‘cover flow’ view) and offers discount on each order. The restaurant data is nicely done with additional information being given a very high priority.

The product has built relevant messaging (for example, instead of forcing a user going thru’ tons of listings, aPlaceToDine has added a cool text “search for restaurants that delivers to <location.>”) and is positioned more as a utility service (and not really a community portal)

Coming to the business model, aPlaceToDine will of course make money from lead generation, but relying on restaurants to create a website is way too operational (I know for sure that couple of foodie sites did try this and then stopped).

What’s your take on aPlaceToDine?

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