ApnaPaisa Funding: $3.1mn, Significant shift in Business Model (shift from pure lead gen)


ApnaPaisa Funding: $3.1mn, Significant shift in Business Model (shift from pure lead gen)

More on ApnaPaisa’s investment from Sequoia and Jafco.

Few reliable sources tell us that the investment is of the order of ~3.1mn$ (though not confirmed by Harsh, Founder & CEO of ApnaPaisa).

We had a quick chat with ApnaPaisa founder, Harsh Roongta and he mentioned that there is a significant change planned as far as ApnaPaisa’s business model is concerned – apart from getting into new categories, the company is also looking at different sources of revenues,

Lead generation is an outcome – there are different ways to achieve the same; and till date, ApnaPaisa has focused mainly on few channels (DSAs primarily) .
While lead generation is the primary source of revenue for ApnaPaisa, the company wants to get into price comparison space (across several consumer services categories)- which can open up lot of new source of revenues (referrals/transaction/lead generation/advertising etc). And this needs significant investment in technology/research – and that’s where the raised money will be used for.

Moreover, ApnaPaisa wants to get into more consumer services (and hence, needs to improve on the user experience, i.e. invest more in engg.)- has launched apnainvestment, and is getting into mobile space as well.

I believe, they will need to rebrand/reposition themselves and need to invest a significant amount in marketing as well.

What’s your opinion on ApnaPaisa’s roadmap?

Surely looks exciting – technically, more challenging compared to the current status of ApnaPaisa (and their companies).

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