Earlier Known As WiGi, Viraltrics Helps App Developers Acquire Users

WiGi, now rebranded to Viraltrics, is a mobile SDK that integrates a few lines of codes to help increase ROI with targeted dynamic content units based on user behavior.

With Viraltrics, a developer can integrate the library to an app and with API calls, you can insert dynamic hooks at trigger points that you would like to leverage.


The app’s dashboard helps developers create either a referral, referral reward or notification trigger and map it to the trigger points in the app. It’s packaged with user behavior & actionable analytics that help identify their top influencers, conversions, content that worked most, medium used for sharing etc.

“A typical life cycle for a mobile app post development is acquisition>engagement>retention. The tech side of an app development has lot of support now with many products & tools available to reduce time & cost. But the acquisition to retention piece is where I see most apps struggle. Products to handle this for web apps have been around for some time now, we bring in the same kind of tools for mobile apps” says Bhavna Muraleedharan, founder of Viraltrics.


Viraltrics team launched the acquisition piece of the life cycle first, in the form of Referral/rewards. Referral is the most popular organic acquisition strategy which has created tremendous growth for companies who did it right, at times even turning viral. Famous companies like Dropbox acquired users virally due to their double referral strategy. Candy crush went viral when users started requesting friends for lives.

App publisher can associate rewards with referrals that work for the user and display it to them when they are mostly willing to share. Clicking on the shared link will lead the user directly to the app’s Play or App store page. Viraltrics users are using referrals to increase their organic user acquisition and also engage existing users. It supports both automatic as well as offline gratification of rewards associated with the referral.


Launched at NextBigWhat’s bigMobiConf, Viraltrics’ next milestone is to launch in-app promotions, email and gifting for the engagement piece of the app life cycle. Viraltrics founding team works out of Mumbai and was incubated at TiE Mumbai.

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