Developers, Do You Suck at Getting Your App Noticed? WiGi Can Help

Getting your app noticed is tough. Sometimes you get lucky and it goes viral. But most of the times, it gets buried under a giant pile of useless apps.


Bhavna Muraleedharan, an app developer, came across various hurdles as she tried to publish her app and gain visibility for it. In a marketplace where over 700 apps are being added every day, every app developer faces the same issues. To overcome this, she came up with a solution named WiGi.

“Not all can do an expensive ad campaign on frequent basis. Also once the user acquisition piece is taken care the next challenge is user engagement. Only when users are engaged with your app can an app developer make money.Looking at these challenges we came up with the idea to help users discover app in an organic way,” Bhavna said.

How does the app work?

WiGi is a mobile SDK. You can integrate the library to an app and with API calls, you can insert dynamic hooks at trigger points he would like to leverage. WiGi dashboard helps the app developers create either a referral, referral reward or notification trigger and map it to the trigger points in the app. WiGi lib then takes care of displaying it to user as well as executing the call to action defined by the developer on our dashboard.

Other players

Google’s recent addition of gifting in their Game services SDK is a competition for WiGi. The former  is focussed on sending/receiving gifts on G+ network and targeted for games while WiGi is not restricted to games though.
Future plans

WiGi is currently in private Beta. “We will be working closely with private beta customers to help their apps reach the potential it deserves,” Bhavna said.

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