Insights On Mobile App Downloads And Monetization [By Region and Platform]

The battle between Android and iOS is a longstanding one, and one in which both Google and Apple have taken two different routes.
There are 2.6 million apps available on both platforms today, and over 150 billion app downloads have been made. However, it’s imperative that a developer choose the right platform and strategy to maximize installs as well as their earnings.
Here’s some data InMobi compiled that provide insights for developers to find the right balance:


While the Asia Pacific region made for nearly half of all impressions and app installs, North America and Europe continued to power highest earnings (eCPM) and costs (CPI) for developers.
Therefore, while it may seem lucrative to tap into the market for apps in developing countries, in order to achieve a balance between app installs and earnings, developers can’t completely ignore developed regions of Europe and North America.

Android vs iOS

Android dominated the ad impressions and app install market in developing regions of Asia Pacific and Latin America, however developers earned more from iOS apps all over the world.
While North America and Europe powered the highest earnings, iOS apps also had the highest install costs in both regions. Android has a far larger user base, but iOS still leads in terms of app monetization.
In 2014, iOS was undoubtedly the top earning platform, however Android deals in sheer numbers. If Google is to be believed, as people’s spending power in developing regions grows, so will their expenditure on apps, making it worthwhile to develop for Android.

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