Calling App Developers : Submit Your Apps for Review [We Heart Apps]


While gadgets have more or less reached the point of stagnation in terms of innovation and mobile operating systems have now begun to borrow features from one another and started to look alike (not taking names here), the one place where there is massive potential for growth is apps.

There are over 9,00,000 apps in the App Store (3,75,000 native to the iPad), over 8,00,000 in the Play Store, 145,000 in the Windows Phone Store and over 1,25,000 BB10 apps on BlackBerry World. While these are the existing players, others like Ubuntu, Firefox OS, Sailfish and Tizen are all set to hit the already crowded smartphone market this year.

With the same passion that we cover startups we also aim to cover apps from all platforms and offer you feedback, suggestions and importantly, the visibility platform. So if you have an app you want to showcase to the world fill in the form below and we will get back to you.

Also, for your reference : you can submit your apps using the link:

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