App Round up: Gaadiwala for Android, Spy Bot & Heet App for iOS


App Round up: Gaadiwala for Android, Spy Bot & Heet App for iOS

While we did a few in depth reviews of a few mobile apps this week, here are a few more that caught our attention.

Gaadiwala for Android


Before a person actually decides to buy a car or bike, there is a ton of research that one does before actually settling down. Apart from deciding which car or bike, price plays a very important role. Gaadiwala, is an Android app which hopes to make the decision easier by listing the prices of most cars and bikes across major cities and towns in India.

The app is simple to use with minimal features. First, one has to click on Bike price or Car price and can then select the manufacturer which is auto completed as you type. After that one has to select the model and it automatically directs you to list of vehicles and prices. What we liked was there was a pretty comprehensive list of places to choose from and apart from all metropolitan cities, it also lists most tier 2 and tier 3 cities.

The app does have its own set of issues. For starters, the interface is too simple and needs working on. Not all car manufactures were there. We could not find Audi or BMW. Even in the car makers that are listed we could not find some models. Some cars did not have prices also. Thus due to the lack of content and actual effectiveness, we would put the Gaadiwala app in the hobby category and would recommend other apps on Android like CarWale and Car Experts India. The one thing that Gaadiwala has going for them is that they list bike prices also which are not present in the other apps.

Download Gaadiwala for Android

Spy Bot for iOS


Know Nunsense has released a Bluetooth enabled “SpyBot” surveillance app for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. This is the first-ever Bluetooth enabled surveillance app to be approved by  Apple.  The app allows for instant surveillance anywhere and anytime through Apple devices. The app works regardless of the device’s WiFi or network signal. The Spy Bot allows users to send and recording video and audio from one device’s camera to another’s screen even if the devices are 50 feet away.

Additional features of the app include, the ability for users to record video and audio remotely; a kill button that immediately forces both devices to quit activity and return to their respective home screens to protect the identity of the user and  the ability to upload videos to YouTube or send via email or text message

The apps creator Taylor K Hartley says “I developed Spy Bot when I was living with several roommates and no one was admitting to drinking my vodka,” stated Hartley.  “The resulting app became a more powerful tool than I had intended.  I began using it at the office and with friends around town.  After several successful pranks, I decided to share it with the Apple community.”

We would recommend using this app while respecting the privacy of others and maybe you can pull a few good pranks. We also think that this could be a great baby monitor app.

Download: Spy Bot for iOS ($1.99)

Heet for iOS


We have come across a lot of news aggregating services, and the latest one is Heet App, which is an iOS only app by Kuwait-based Waveline Media in which users are able to discover, read and search for news.

Heet does not have long list of headlines to go through. It sources news from different places and brings out the hottest trending topics right now. Trends are organized into Top Trends, Technology Trends, News Trends, Entertainment Trends, and Sports Trends.

Once a user clicks on a trend and finds something of interest, users can read the story they want from different news sources.

A user can also search for news Heet’s news-only search engine, which prioritizes current trends in search results.

The app does a pretty good job of predicting trending news on a global scale, but there is no option for local trends. So sitting in Bangalore, we hardly found news that was of any interest to us. With just five category trends, the app is also very limited in the type of trends it can predict.

Using the app is very simple and on opening the app one is greeted with the trends of a particular category. The way the trends are displayed is almost identical to the way categories are displayed in Flipboard. Clicking on a trend will take you to a list of all the stories which is displayed in a pretty appealing manner.

When we did a search for ‘India’ the results displayed were highly disappointing with none of the actually top news of the moment being displayed.

With options like Flipboard, Zite, Pulse and Google Currents, Heet does not stand a chance as it is too basic an app, and we hope the app gets new features as soon as possible.

 Download Heet for iOS

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