The Key to Growth Hacking a Successful App: App Store Optimization

There are over a million apps on the Google Play Store. Apple has a similar number of apps. As an Indie developer, your life is tougher. How can you cut through the clutter and get noticed?

In the web world, you could do Search Engine Optimization. In the app world, you do the new: App Store Optimization. A few simple hacks can go a long way in improving the discoverability of your app. Here’s a look at a few of them.

ASO techniques

The slides between 6-13 tell you how to use the app’s name/ title, description, category selection, meta data and screenshots to help your app up the ranks.

ASO Marketing and Relevance

This presentation is a bit too long but useful. It’s split into two parts, one gives you an overview of app marketing and the other talks about various tools and techniques in detail.

ASO Keywords

This one talks about the keywords used as part of  ASO only in the last few slides.

ASO Keyword Relevance

The slideshare is short and to the point. Keyword research tools and its relevance are described in detail.

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