Find Free Wi-Fi Near You With Ahoy Telecom’s New App

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Find Free Wi-Fi Near You With Ahoy Telecom’s New App

Everyone wants to stay connected with the internet in today’s fast paced world, but with bad mobile connectivity and under performing 3G networks, Wi-Fi seems to be the best option. But free wi-fi hotspots are difficult to come across in India, most of them tend to be tied up with a service provider, requiring you to pay for time based vouchers in order to use this service.

Ahoy Telecom is trying to solve this problem with their new ‘Free wi-fi finder’ app, which was launched 2 weeks back. This application is location aware and provides you with WiFi hotspot availability in and around your location across select cities. The service is currently available in Mumbai and NCR.

The app works in two modes, online and offline. In the online mode the service provides you with the directions to the hotspots on a map provided your are connected to a data network. In the offline mode the hotspot location address is provide sans the map directions.

It is currently available for the J2ME and Android platforms and development is on for the iOS, Windows and Blackberry platforms.

To use the service you have visit a hotspot location after it has been identified by the app. Once at the hotspot you have to connect to the recommended network with the SSID given in the app. After you have connected you are shown an ad and some relevant question thereafter. On answering the question you are given a free voucher for a set amount of WiFi time on the hotspot., you can now get free internet access at that wifi ahoy telecomThe service has tied up with Ozone in the Northern region and Zylog in the southern region to provide WiFi hotspots. These companies have an already existing network through locations like Cafe Coffee Day and others.

The service has also tied up with handset manufacturers like Lava and Karbon to install the app as a stock app in their devices. The company services are currently inline with the TRAI regulations, the company said.

In cities where the service has not yet been launched the app can still be used as it will give you locations of available WiFi hotspots, but the access to these hotspots will not be free or provided by the app.

You can get the app here.

If you are currently in Mumbai or NCR, give the app a try and let us know.

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