App Uninstalls And Retention : First 3-7 Days Matter

An average app retains only 23% of its DAUs (daily active users) within the first three days of installation. For an average game, DAU retention is slightly higher, at 26% for the first three days.

The first three to seven days after an app’s installation are critical, since this time period sets the tone for future engagement. Apps with high three-day usage retention rates tend to drive high engagement in the future.


The time before an average app is uninstalled is approximately 8 months .and for gaming apps it is about 7 month.

App Retention : First 3-7 Days Are Really Important

An average app’s usage retention drops to just 9% after 3 months, even if it still remains installed on 90% of devices. That usage retention rate drops even lower to just 3% for an average game, showing how challenging the app gaming market remains.

There can be many different reasons that people stay with an app even if they seldom use it. Plummeting usage retention rates are an indication, however, that users either just might not be that into your app, or only have an occasional need for it.

App Retention & Timeline
App Retention & Timeline

The key to going on second and third dates with an app – and developing a real relationship with it is getting users to fall in love with .the app during that initial 3-7 day period.

App Install And Retention Rates

Three app categories – News & Magazine, Productivity, and Communication – have high installation and high usage retention rates 3 .months after an app is first installed

App Retention & Top Categories
App Retention & Top Categories

Extremely successful apps like Facebook and WhatsApp have very high three-day usage retentions of 80% and 79% respectively. Even after 90 days, retention rates for these two apps remain incredibly high at 70 and 72% respectively (source).

To quickly summarize, get the user hooked in the first 3-7 days else you have lost them!

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