Appacitive: The mobile backend as a service company for mobile developers [Unpluggd demo # 1]

Co-founded by Nikhil Prasad and Yetesh Tokas of Tavisca Solutions, Appacitive is a mobile backend as a service company. The cloud based app backend platform is for mobile and online app developers to reduce time to market.

With Appacitive, you can draw your application model on our graphical designer (no coding required), use your diagram as a blueprint to generate a corresponding backend on the cloud ready to integrate with your app, and use SDKs/ APIs to integrate with your app.

Features at a glance

The complete platform can be put up in a matter of minutes and is ready for traffic whenever your app is ready and it works on a pay as you go model. The platform, created using .NET, Mysql, redis, erlang, elasticsearch, rabbitmq will also do the scaling for you. It offers various payment models like pay per API calls, Pay for storage, pay per notifications sent or per active users.

Pune based Appacitive demoed at UnPluggd and is slated for beta launch by end of December.

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