Appiterate Makes A/B Testing for Mobile Apps Easier With WYSIWYG Platform

Appiterate, a New Delhi based start-up has developed a WYSIWYG A/B testing platform for iOS and Android apps using which developers and product managers can run A/B tests on any element of a mobile app.

appiterateApp testing and updation has never been an easy ride for developers, especially on the iOS platform. Developers usually end up A/B testing on the web for product optimization and then try out new features and designs regularly, modifying their app along the way. Quick changes on native mobile apps are comparatively tougher as it has to be updated through the app stores.

Appiterate, a New Delhi based startup, is trying to make things a bit more easier and visual for app developers.

The company has developed a WYSIWYG A/B testing platform for iOS and Android apps using which developers and product managers can run A/B tests on any element of a mobile app. These include formatting and placement of Call to Action (CTA) elements, text, images, workflows etc. Developers will have access to a visual drag-and-drop interface for the same.

Tanuj Mendiratta, Co-founder & CEO, Appiterate, says “The experience of working with top app publishers made us realize that there are big gaps in the app ecosystem. For e.g., on the web, developers quickly build an MVP and then push changes regularly, sometimes even multiple times a day. This iterative approach results in fast and systematic improvement of key conversion metrics.”

Users will be able to make these changes in an app in real-time, without making an update to the app stores, thereby reducing delays associated with app updates. These delays include time spent in review mechanisms, especially in case of iOS developers, and time taken by users to download the new update.

Some of the main features of the app include Real Time A/B testing on native apps, using which developers can test new designs, copy, call-to-action buttons in real-time and push the winning version to all the users without pushing a new update to the app store. Feature Testing and Roll-back is another feature using which developers can test new Features, UX-flows etc during an app update process on a sample population. If the feature does well, deploy it to all of the users, otherwise roll-it back, all without pushing another update through the app store.

Many a times, small changes to the app are required, like a change in copy, change in phone number, increase/change in size/position of a button. The service also gives app-publishers, the ability to make these changes and push them to the users live without re-submitting the app to the app store.


In India, the startup is currently working with companies such as OlaCabs, Reviews42, as well as gaming studios such as Spice Labs. Globally the company also has clients from US, Europe and South America.

The company is currently focusing on e-commerce and gaming apps to be its major users. It is also working with a select group of venture fund backed companies. “We helped Reviews42, a price comparison app for iOS and Android, to increase their referrals by as much as 28%,” says Tanuj.

Some of the other app testing services include Apptimize and Leanplum that have come out of Y-combinator and Techstars, Useartisan and Pathmapp.

BetaGlide, that demoed at bigMobilityConf, is another cloud based testing platform that allows application to be tested on real devices among actual users.

The team at Appiterate had been previously running a successful mobile app services company named DSYN (pronounced Design). DSYN has been building iOS and android applications for companies such as Groupon, Zomato, Ixigo, Samsung, Asian Paints etc for the last 2.5 years.

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