Customer focus, the Apple way : Company would repair all its products damaged by recent flood in Japan, free of cost!

Apple has announced that it is going to repair, free of cost, any iPhones,iPads,Macs and iPods damaged due to the result of sudden flood and mud-flows which happened in south-western Japan, earlier this month.
Such affected customers can call a company helpline, and this service shall be active till end of September. Proof of purchase would be solicited by the company. This complimentary service is not valid on accessories though.

“Why” this story:
Right since the inception, Apple has shown the way of “Customer Focus”, some may argue that even maniacally but successfully though. This has been often related to design and experience of the product, whether in store or otherwise; there is a humanitarian angle to customer focus also, which Apple exhibits by this complimentary service offer. again, leading the way.
The Perspective:
Apple products are not bought, they are acquired! And company very well understands this. Millions of people save over a period of time, forgoing simple pleasures in order to buy their favourite Apple. And when they are caught off guard by nature, losing an apple would only magnify the hurt of many. While the loss and mental anguish suffered during a natural calamity cannot be overcome by mere free repair of an electronic gadget, it is surely one of those thing which could brighten the lives of someone affected. More so in an era where, everything revolves around the screens.
“What” of this story:
What do you think, this should light a path for other companies or is it just an Apple way?
Kindly share your views with everyone via comments. Thanks!

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