After 8 Long Days, Apple Developer Center is Back Online

Apple has finally brought back the main portions of its Developer Center online, more than a week after it was hacked. Apple had on Monday officially said that the site was compromised by an “intruder” and took the site offline as it completely overhauled its systems.

While the Member Center Section of the site still remains down, the iOS, Mac and Safari Dev Centers are back online. “Certificates, Identifiers and Profiles” and “Software Downloads” sections of the website are also back up and running.

The technical support and pre-release documentation parts of the Developer Center remain offline.


The attack happened on Thursday, July 18th and Apple’s silence on the attack for three days had stunned all. The 8 day outage had frustrated developers who could not continue with their work and had taken to Twitter and various online forums to vent their anger.

Apple is currently preparing major upgrades for both iOS 7 and its desktop operating system Mavericks, which are due for public release in September.

The Apple Developer site provides development tools, documentation and advanced developer preview versions of the company’s unreleased software. It is also used to manage access to deploy developers’ own apps for internal testing, to register devices for testing purposes (including installation of iOS 7 seeds), to manage developer certificates used to submit apps to Apple for sale through the App Store, for managing deployed titles and developer forums.

Apple also sent an email to developers which says:

We appreciate your patience as we work to bring our developer services back online. Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles, software downloads, and other developer services are now available. If you would like to know the availability of a particular system, visit our status page.

If your program membership expired or is set to expire during this downtime, it will be extended and your app will remain on the App Store. If you have any other concerns about your account, please contact us.

Thank you for bearing with us while we bring these important systems back online. We will continue to update you with our progress.

In the last fortnight, Apple was not the only victim of a hacking attempt, the websites of Truecaller, Tango and the Ubuntu forums were also attacked by Hackers.

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