Apple Reports Record Q3 Earnings Of $49.6 Billion

Apple just posted its highest ever Q3 earnings with revenues in tune of $49.6 billion a year-on-year growth of 33%.

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The two key growth factors were strong iPhone sales and Apple’s stellar performance in the Chinese market.

China contributed 27% of Apple’s $49.6 billion revenue during Q3 2015 which is more than double the share it contributed during the same quarter last year.

On the other hand the iPhone continued to perform well with Apple shipping 47.5 million units during the quarter, not as much as the previous quarter by a significant growth over the same quarter last year.

Tim Cook claimed that Apple’s iPhone sales growth was over three times the rate of growth of the overall smartphone market.

The iPad continued to sulk with the company shipping 10.9 million units during the quarter as opposed to 13.2 million units during the same quarter last year.

Mac sales were on the rise (albeit slightly) at 4.7 million units, however, Apple’s revenues from the Mac division gained nearly half a billion dollars during the year at $6.03 billion during Q3 2015.

Then there was the Apple Watch which the company claims sold better than it expected, but did not reveal the exact sales numbers in order to keep the competition in the dark.

Apple said its Watch sold better than the iPhone and the iPad in their first 9 weeks of availability, however, since the company has clubbed it into the ‘Other’ category with devices such as the iPod and Apple TV, it’s hard to work out sales as well as what revenues the Watch earned Apple.

CFO Luca Maestri came out saying that Apple Watch was responsible for over 100% growth of the ‘Other’ category and offset losses of the ailing iPod division. That would roughly equate to a $1 billion revenue powered by the Watch, but sales figures are still anyone’s guess.

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