Apple Will Let Web Developers Take Advantage Of Force Touch In OS X 10.11

Apple has extended support for its Force Touch input to the version of Safari that ships with OS X 10.11 ‘El Captain’ allowing web developers build custom experiences.

Apple Force Touch Trackpad

The feature will be supported by newer devices such as Apple’s MacBook and MacBook Pro with Retina Display that ship with the new trackpad hardware.

Force Touch had been opened up for native app developers sometime ago, but with the latest announcement, web developers will be able to make content on their pages respond to pressure sensitive clicks.

For some developers it could be a great way to add another level of interactivity right at the face of the website instead of hiding it behind a menu where users are less likely to use them.

However, with such a limited amount of hardware out there supporting Force Touch, it is to be seen if web developers find it compelling enough to change the way people interact with their product.

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