iOS 9 Will Delete Apps To Make Space For OS Updates

Apple is fixing one of the biggest reasons for the relatively slower adoption of iOS 8 with its upcoming release of iOS 9 – limited storage space on devices.

iOS 9 installation

Developers installing the second Beta of iOS 9 have discovered a space management feature which will help users with limited device storage install major operating system updates.

When iOS 9 attempts to install on a device with insufficient storage space, it offers to temporarily delete some apps to free up room and reinstall them once the update is completed.

Further, Apple has also significantly reduced the installation size of iOS 9 to just 1.3GB, down from 4.58GB with iOS 8.

Both moves will ensure that even users with the 16GB variant of the iPhone and iPad will be able to upgrade to iOS 9 seamlessly and keep up high adoption rates that developers love Apple’s ecosystem for.

image source: MacRumours [Forum]

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