iOS 8.4 Adoption Crosses 40% Within A Week [Apple Music Effect?]

Apple Music is apparently driving adoption of the latest version of Apple’s mobile software iOS 8.4.

iOS Adoption

Data shows that iOS 8.4 now runs on over 40% of all iOS devices within a week of its release. While Apple has always boasted of high adoption rates for its software releases, 40% adoption within a week for a point release is still staggering.

However, while the statistics show how great the adoption of iOS 8.4 really is, it doesn’t really say anything about how well users are receiving Apple Music.

Further, iOS 9 beta is currently the third most popular version of iOS and might be responsible for stealing a few users away from iOS 8.4.

iOS Adoption Apple

The Apple software adoption data was powered by Mixpanel as Apple only reports stats of major versions. iOS 8 adoption stands at 84% a little over a year after Apple first showed it off to developers at WWDC.

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