Tech Around WWWorld– Apple iTV, iPhone Users Click More on Ads

Google has partnered with DirecTV through which Google TV Ads will offer inventory on a broad selection of television networks available on DIRECTV.

“We’re partnering with DIRECTV because of our shared commitment to innovation in the television advertising space. You’ll have the ability to target this new inventory along with over 98 other cable networks already offered through our platform. – source

Apple iTV Rumors

The next generation of Apple TV (iTV) is rumored to hit the market very soon (fall, around the same timeframe as Google TV launch).

As per endgadget, Apple would be releasing a $99 version of the set top box, similarly sized and packed with internals akin to that of the iPhone 4 (A4 CPU, 16GB of flash storage), and will introduce new iTunes streaming services the box could take advantage of.

iPhone Users Click on More Ads

Apple iPhone is driving mobile advertising performance across the globe, as per latest report by Smaato’s July report.

Symbian’s CTR Index has decreased by almost by 100 (from 329 to 235). During July, Windows Phone has closed the gap with a CTR Index of 153. The Apple OS rises from fifth to third place, after nearly doubling its CTR Index of 140 (73 in May), it is also the only OS that managed to gain points this month in the US.

Firefox 4 Adds Multi-touch Support

Firefox 4 Beta 3 has added multi-touch support in the latest release.

Firefox 4 Beta 3 – Multitouch demo from Felipe on Vimeo.

Multi-touch Events

If you have a multi-touch capable display, touch events are sent to your web page, more or less like mouse events. Each input (created using your fingers) generates its own events:

  • MozTouchDown: Sent when the user begins a screen touch action.
  • MozTouchMove: Sent when the user moves his finger on the touch screen.
  • MozTouchUp: Sent when the user lifts his finger off the screen

Facebook Photo Browsing Made Simple

Facebook has made an important usability enhancement to photo sharing. Navigating photo albums have been made simpler – now, a photo album will automatically display additional photos as you scroll down a single page. You no longer need to click “Next” or try to guess which page number will reveal the best photos.


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