Apple Launches Educational Tools iBooks Textbooks and iTunes U in India

ibooks textbooksNow Indian schools following international curriculum, from US and the UK, will have better teaching aids for students, with Apple launching its education oriented services in the country.

Apple has launched its educational textbook service iBooks textbooks and iTunes U course manager across new regions including India.

The iBooks textbooks service will be available in 51 countries including new ones like India, Brazil, Italy and Japan and the iTunes U Course Manager will be available in 70 countries, according to Apple.

The textbook service offers users full screen interactive textbooks with animations, rotating 3D diagrams, photo galleries and videos. The service has nearly 25,000 educational titles created by independent publishers, teachers and education services companies, including content from Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press and Hodder Education.

As the service now cover 100 percent of US high school core curriculum and the General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) core curriculum in the UK, it should see a fair amount adoption among newer Indian schools who follow these international curriculum.

The iTunes U course manager service will allow teaches and other educators to share their content and resources directly with their class or to a global audience on iTunes U.

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