Apple Music Users Report Unrecognized Playlists in Music App

  • Multiple users have reported strange playlists appearing in their Music app that they do not recognize.
  • In some cases, these unknown playlists have been merged with user’s existing playlists, while in other cases, user’s playlists have gone missing or been replaced.
  • The issue is likely caused by an unspecified problem with Apple’s iCloud server.
  • Unsyncing and re-syncing iCloud for the Music app has worked for some users, but not all.
  • The issue is only occurring in the Music app for iPhone, and user reports date back to mid February.
  • Some users have contacted Apple support, but none have reported success.
  • The issue is reminiscent of another iCloud bug in which some users reported videos and images from strangers appearing in their Photo Libraries.


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