Apple’s Landmark $930mn Patent Win Against Samsung Has Been Partially Reversed

A US appeals court has thrown out Apple’s trademark finding that the appearance of the iPhone can be protected, adding the latest twist in the intellectual property battle between Apple and Samsung.
iPhone 6 in India
In essence, that means 40% of the $930 million verdict which Apple had won must be reconsidered, even though the prior patent infringement verdict was upheld.
The appeals court said that Samsung did indeed infringe on Apple’s patents but did not violate on Apple’s “trade dress”. ie. making a phone with the general appearance of an iPhone isn’t illegal.
The appeals court has said that the issue of trade dress must be reconsidered by a lower court, which might choose to reduce all or part of the $382 million that was awarded by the jury.
It is still to be seen what exactly the impact of this ruling will be, and if more smartphone manufacturers will get comfortable building phones with the general appearance of an iPhone.

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