Top German Court Rejects Apple’s ‘Slide To Unlock’ Patent Appeal

Germany’s highest court has ruled that Apple’s patents covering the ‘Slide to Unlock’ feature on its iPhone is invalid.

The Federal Court of Appeals in Karlsruhe reaffirmed a 2013 ruling by a lower Federal Patent Court that canceled Apple’s German patent.

According to a statement released by the court, the technique used by Apple is similar to what Swedish company Neonode Inc used in its devices a year before the iPhone’s launch.

Motorola which is now owned by Lenovo had originally filed the suit in the Munich court against the Apple UI patent but lost. The ruling was later overturned by a federal patents court.

The announcement comes just a day after news of Swiss watchmaker Swatch trademarking the phrase ‘One More Thing’ broke, which is seen as an attempt to undermine Apple.

Image credit: Shutterstock

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