Siri Serves Up 1bn Requests A Week [Plus More Apple Stats]

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Siri Serves Up 1bn Requests A Week [Plus More Apple Stats]

Apple’s annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) isn’t just about previewing the latest software built by the company, but it’s also a platform to woo developers with the sheer scale of Apple’s reach.


Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, ideally begins each WWDC keynote with the numbers growth since the last event. This year too was no different, and here are some of the key statistics highlighting the sheer size of Apple’s operations.

WWDC 2015 was the 26th edition of the annual developer meet, and this time around Apple boasted of attendees being from 70 countries with 80% of them being first-time attendees.

While that stat might tell you of Apple’s growing reach in developer circles, the following few show the company’s consumer might. The company reported that its App Store has crossed 100 billion app downloads, with $30 billion being paid out to developers so far.

In terms of adoption of its latest software, Apple claims 55% of all Mac users are running on OS X Yosemite while 83% users are running on iOS 8.

Apple made major announcements for its digital assistant Siri this year and claimed that it serves up 1 billion requests a week and is 40% faster and more accurate compared to last year.

Maps is the other Apple service that is getting great new upgrades with iOS 9, with the company claiming that Maps was used 3.5 times more than the next leading maps app with its service getting over 5 billion requests per week.

Apple Pay, the company’s relatively new mobile payments service is now supported by 2,500 banks with there being over 1 million locations where consumers can use the service.

iOS 9 isn’t as major an update as what we’ve seen in the past. Instead, the company is working on ways to make it faster and more powerful. Apple claims iOS 9 offers a 50% reduction in CPU usage while drawing while an iPhone 6 running on iOS 9 lasts for 1 hour extra in a typical usage scenario.

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