Apple Will Do-It-All To Woo Luxury Smartwatch Buyers [Personal Assistance]

Who said all you get for $10,000 is a $350 Apple Watch in a gold case?

The Apple Watch is all-set to go on sale in April, and the company has apparently come up with a unique store purchasing experience for wealthy marks that might be interested in its $10,000+ Apple Watch Edition.


According to 9to5Mac, people looking to buy the Apple Watch Edition will be given no-wait access to a dedicated expert, in an appointment that could last for as much as an hour. The experience “is intended to be extremely personal, elegant, and purposeful.”
Apple will also offer customers a chance to have a video conference from home with an Apple Store employee, and while the service isn’t locked to Edition buyers, they will get access to a dedicated 24/7 phone line for technical support for two years.
While this sort of customer experience isn’t new to the world of luxury goods, it is however something an electronics manufacturer like Apple will be doing for the very first time.
The company isn’t limiting all of its perks to the wealthy buyers of the Apple Watch Edition, buyers of the Sport version will be restricted to the same level of assistance when buying an iPhone.
Through the program, Apple is making sure that buyers of its luxury smartwatch aren’t getting just a slightly nicer looking product than the regular joe, but a whole experience – which if we’re to believe manufacturers of luxury products, is paramount.

For more details about the Apple Watch Edition buying experience, head to 9to5Mac.

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